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Today, AI technology is available, but the number of possibilities makes AI an overwhelming proposition. As a leader, do you wonder how to innovate with AI to build outstanding competitive advantage? 

A lot of leaders do not know the way in which they can derive maximum benefit from AI and hesitate to start their AI journey because of perceived large investment requirements, possible disruptions in regular business and time taken to implement.

But instead of rapid change, heavy investment and long-distant projects, you can follow the step-by-step AI innovation path and adjust AI implementation to your capacity, ambition and competitors’ activity. 

If you wonder how to start and implement and how your business can gain, let’s communicate.


AI Innovation


Imagine having your own AI Innovation Team to reduce risk, costs, and learning curve. 

You don’t have to turn your company upside down with AI tools – there is a wide range of possibilities, but before you start implementing them, first, you can test at a low cost and in a safe environment. AI Innovation is a sandbox for your future projects. Outside of your business, it is safe to experiment with different AI scenarios.

You can focus on your business and take advantage of simultaneous work in the future.  You do not have to invest heavily in AI innovation, as we are working on a project basis.

Let’s meet and discover the possibilities of AI in your business. 

How we work


AI Innovation covers three dimensions: Strategy, Skills, and Application. You can simultaneously cover all of them, but the starting point depends on your business – and AI solution needs to be customised for each organisation

We help you to prepare your AI Innovation roadmap and start building your competitive advantage before your competitors.

You can follow three steps (or choose your path):

AI Innovation Strategy.

Prepare your AI strategy depending on the best plan for systematically adding AI into enriching your company strategy, operation plan, products, and services. Decide if you prefer to focus on the exploitation of current business or future exploration.


AI Skills.

Prepare your employees for the future requirements of work with AI. Learn how to effectively work with AI to boost their intelligence and creativity, thanks to AI solutions. Let them experience the beneficial role of AI and start building trust toward AI.

AI Application.

Start working on AI projects that can be gradually implemented in your business. You can choose two paths: either enriching your current business with AI with a short-term return on investment or looking for opportunities that increase your future advantage and deliver a return in a longer period.

Living and working with AI

An ebook that is an instruction on how to work with AI chatbots and better understand machines.

Living and working with AI - Krystyna Jarek
Living and working with AI - Krystyna Jarek 6 pages

AI is a critical enable for everyone in organisations.


Learn what scenarios you can follow with AI transformation – from the beginner’s level to the most intensive. There are lots of options to choose from! Learn how to start and gain your first experience with the capabilities that AI offers.


Prepare employees for future organisations that will require fluent collaboration with machines. Even if your employees do not use advanced AI tools, teaching people how to increase productivity thanks to AI or Generative AI will familiarise them with the new tech and prepare them for the future.


Designing products and services in the era of AI is an entirely new challenge. Forget about typical design methods, AI brings new dimensions, like trust, user and data safety, or a wider scope of stakeholders related to AI tools and security. Use the AI Innovation Framework to redesign existing products and services to enrich them with AI options.

Krystyna Jarek

Krystyna Jarek

Chief Innovation Executive

„AI Innovation requires completely new mindset. Reimagination driven by creativity leads to uncovered areas.”

About Us


Booster of innovation supports companies in professionally creating innovations that build companies value. We use proprietary design methods developed based on the scientific method. Our core framework, Innovation Sprint, is the only tool on the market that covers the entire process of creating successful innovation – from finding innovation ideas to scaling.

We work with organisations that are focused on innovation (ING Bank, Polpharma, Orange Poland, Lotte Wedel, and others). The testimony of effectiveness of our method are clients who come back to us with new challenges to be solved after the initial engagement.


Krystyna Jarek


Krystyna Jarek


Chief Innovation Executive

Founder of Booster of Innovation with an aim to deliver world-class innovation strategy & design to innovative companies. Krystyna has over 20 years of experience in innovation design, launching and developing new businesses in global organisations like ING Bank, SAB Miller plc, and Deloitte.

Last two years, Krystyna was Chief Innovation Officer at Deloitte Central Europe, handling responsibility for the development and implementation of innovation for 18 countries and five Deloitte business lines.

Krystyna is a lecturer at the Leon Kozminski University, a prominent university in Central Europe, where she teaches students AI Application, Innovation Design, and ESG Innovation. She is pursuing her Doctorate and working on the PhD dissertation, on the research topic focuses on human-machine (AI) interaction.

Krystyna has a wide network of highly skilled and experienced people, hence Booster of Innovation can rely on experts in their respective field to work with her on various assignments.

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