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Design and Tech. Design alone is not enough in today's world. Also, the technology itself without understanding the invisible connections will be empty. We combine design with technology to reach unconscious possibilities and create solutions that deliver business results.


end-to-end innovations

There are many methods available on the market for creating innovations. Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Service Design, Forecasting, Strategy, Experiments. To move from an idea to a profitable innovation, you need to choose the right sounds like a virtuoso and guide the idea through the lens to reach a solution that meets your business goals. We specialize in this. We have results, and we focus on delivering results.

  • First, I study thoroughly to precisely match solutions.

  • Simple answers do not satisfy me. I'm looking for a second bottom.

  • There are several speeds depending on the innovation stages.

  • Surprising discoveries and the creation of useful solutions give me energy to act.

Krystyna Jarek

I have been designing innovations since 2002. It was the first time that I reduced two people’s working time from 8 hours to 15 minutes. Since then, I have been creating innovations for various companies: Kompania Piwowarska, ING Bank Śląski, Lotte Wedel, Tauron Polska Energia.

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