innovation design is more than design thinking

For us innovations are ideas implemented. DESIGN is focused on finding the right problem and the right solution. But the INNOVATION requires successful launch - finding the first users and then increasing the market. Without implementation ideas remain only ideas. INNOVATION DESIGN combines different methods to deliver the value for Customer and Business.


design thinking is not enough

Smart city, AI or new Business Models in the old industries? There are lots of new challenges which are more complex than ever before. The time when one expert or one team created innovations came to an end. Today new skills and a new way of working are needed. BOOSTER OF INNOVATION is an innovation boutique that delivers solutions to help organisations innovate like start-ups.

  • First, I study thoroughly to precisely match solutions.

  • Simple answers do not satisfy me. I'm looking for a second bottom.

  • There are several speeds depending on the innovation stages.

  • Surprising discoveries and the creation of useful solutions give me energy to act.

Krystyna Jarek

Specjalizuję się w projektowaniu innowacji w obszarze digital. Projektuję nowe koncepty od pomysłu do MVP. Współpracuję z dużymi organizacjami, MŚP i startup’ami.

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In innovation, speed & action count

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