Innovation TOOLS

Booster of Innovation Tols
Innovations require new skills. Innovation KIT is a way to develop them.

Why Innovation TOOLS?

Business today is more complex than ever. The model of one-man-show works seldom. To create successful solution business needs all hands and heads on board. But here occurs the challenge:

How to manage diversity and engage people to cooperate?

How to make people accept different ideas?

How to boost their innovation constantly at changing times?

Better innovations

Innovation KITS are design to help teams deliver better innovations. The kits are design to boost their creativity and cooperation. TOOLS are divided into three categories: GAMES, TRENDS and NOTEBOOKS.

Innovation TOOLS:


Innovation GAMES help teams to develop new skills every innovation team should have: empathy, wide point of view, elasticity in thinking, smoothly creating new ideas are a basic ones.


Although you can find lots of trends report, the strength of trends lies in working out new ideas. Ideas that create the future now.


Being an innovator is a 24/7 job. You are fully immersed into the innovation. But without tool it is difficult to become Innovation Geek. New skills require new set of skills: listening, creating scenario, writing hypothesis, observing, keeping agile projects under control. Typical calendar is not enough. You need tips & pro tips to quickly master innovation from the inside out.